Bad Habits

Bad Habits

Young people sit as passengers in a vehicle and observe the driver from a young age. They are learning how to drive and how to react in different situations. They are not only learning the good things the driver does, but also the bad habits of the driver. Often a person sitting the Restricted or Full License Driving Test is failed due to bad habits.

Bad Habits Include:

  • * Holding the clutch in around corners.
  • * Clutching in too soon coming up to red lights or stop signs.
  • * Not stopping at stop signs.
  • * Driving over the speed limit.
  • * Approaching intersections too fast.

These will fail you on your driving test.

The following will also be marked against you as minor faults:

Immediate failure errors are recorded at any time they occur during either stage of the test regardless of whether or not the applicant was undertaking an assessable task at the time of the error. All driving actions resulting in immediate danger to any road user or to property are classified as immediate failure errors and would usually be when the applicant is operating the vehicle carelessly, dangerously or recklessly. Immediate failure errors are the most dangerous errors of all, and result in immediate failure of the test.

  • * Not looking ahead, to the sides, and the rear, or checking the blind spot.
  • * Changing gear while turning.
  • * Cutting corners.
  • * Holding the gear stick.

Too many minor faults will also result in a fail of your driving test.